How to implement Employee Advocacy in your company?

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Did you know that employees can be effective influencers promoting your enterprise? No one will do it better than them! Excellent knowledge of the industry and authentic, genuine messages are the values that should be used for online marketing. The implementation of the Employee Advocacy policy will not take up many resources and will bring you real, long-term benefits!

Employee Advocacy is nothing but giving your employees the opportunity to become your brand ambassadors. The scheme, which consists of a number of activities, is aimed at building trust and loyal circle of listeners. Employees, speaking out, especially in social media, support the creation of a strong brand. So, why is it worth implementing the scheme in your company?

Loyalty fosters trust

Employees pay more and more attention to the atmosphere in the company, the environment that supports personal development and the feedback of people who are already employed in the organization. This is confirmed by Nielsen's research, in which 85% of university graduates recognized the attitude towards employees as the primary criterion for choosing a workplace!