4 Benefits of Social Media Engagement Automation

Published by Oct. 29, 2019

Are you looking for new ways to increase chances of your social media content to go viral, without spending hundreds of dollars on so-called specialized social media growth marketing agencies?

You’re in the right place.

It's no secret a great content drives great results.

But it's also no secret it's not all.

In reality, over the years, social media platforms have developed algorithms to prioritize what content is valuable and worth showing to their users.


Let's begin by saying this:

Algorithms cannot rate quality of a piece of content on its own. Platforms like Facebook, or LinkedIn use their own users to get feedback.

In other words an algorithm tests a piece of content on a limited number of users and over time promotes it up to larger number of users, up to the point when no more people want to see it, or interact with it.

For example:

(1) An article was just posted and got some positive interactions → Maybe something valuable?

(2) Algorithm promotes the content to a larger group of people and still getting  → This must be good.

(3) Repeat "2." enough times → Go viral!


Benefit #1: Use what you already have under your breath

How often have someone approached your desk and asked you to "share", "like", or "comment" some articles he had just posted? Or, maybe it was you asking people around to help you out?

It often works, because "sharing is caring". However.

It doesn't scale.

People are happy to help you once or twice. But you can't expect them to support long-term social media campaigns composed of tens of messages posted every day.

We designed Captain to automate this. Sign up your work colleagues to your group, and they will automatically follow up on all new content you create.

Benefit #2: Making a Great First Impression

At Captain, we focus on helping you make a great impression, so that your content can get the initial, organic traction.

At zero cost. 

We have designed a system that intelligently uses your followers "vote" to generate maximum audience reach by distributing them in time, and by profile types.

Benefit #3: Save $$$ on paid campaigns

It's a fact social media platforms almost force you to "boost" organic content with paid ads.

Pay no more.

Use organic growth generated with Captain to save on your paid social media campaigns.

Benefit #4: Give back to others

Nothing feels better than giving back to the community, business partners or other work colleagues. Captain is not a "closed community" type of application. In fact even our free plan allows you to follow anybody else. 

Give back. People will appreciate your support! You will be surprised how many times people will smile to you and thank you for help for something... That just happened automatically.


All the above can surely be beneficial to you whether you are a company, a marketing lead, or just an employee who wants to automate his "social-company life". The best is that you can test Captain today for free.

If you have any questions, or you would like to share your feedback - shoot me an email at [email protected]