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We automate social media engagements across your organisation.

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Time to throw out your existing Employee Advocacy program.

It's ineffective, time consuming, unmanagable and not measurable.

You can do it better. Check how: Learn about 5 sins of standard Employee Advocacy policies.

What's inside our social media automation kit?

The three features to boost your audience reach on existing and new content.

Reactions to content


Invite employees, or colleagues to follow your profiles and pages. Captain will work for you and automatically engage with all newly posted content.

Your profile in social media

ML-Powered Scheduling

We use Machine Learning techniques to optimize scheduling of interactions. We do that to maximize audience reach of your content.

Visibility of your company


Easily manage members of your organisation and make sure they actively participate in your company's social media campaigns.

Our system in a nutshell.

The one ingredient that will instantly boost your content.

Some say "social networks are all about people". Nothing could be more wrong! In reality social media platforms are running sophisticated quality assessment algorithms that prioritize what is shown to the people and when.

Content visibility, that translates into audience reach and conversion rates is mostly driven by various social signals. Even the greatest piece of text needs to be recognized as valuable by the algorithm.

We have designed a tool that will help you feed the algorithms with relevant signals generated by people in your circle: your friends, employees or co-workers.

Meet Captain!

A complete kit for your organisation to thrive in social medias.

Minimalist and lightweight extension

The first component is a browser extension that connects with social media platforms. It does all the work in the background: reacts to new content published by followed profiles.


This is where you control what Captain does for you and on your behalf. Invite people to follow your new profiles, groups or pages. Here you take full control over what work is done by Captain.


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A preview of how Captain integrated with LinkedIn


We offer a free plan for individuals and monthly paid plans for businesses.

  • Auto engagements (likes)
  • Activity dashboard
  • Endorsement exchange
  • Subscription links
  • Organisation features
  • Organisation insights
  • Membership management
  • Auto comments
  • Performance reports
  • Limited support
  • 24/7 chat support
  • Prerelease features
  • Ad budget optimization
  • Organisation benchmarks
  • API access
* - Enterprise plan is available only to selected partners. Send us an email at [email protected] to learn more.